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Midwest Gymnastics Booster Club - Overview

What is the Midwest Gymnastics Booster Club?

We are a non-profit entity that exists separate from the gym itself. We are run entirely by parent volunteers.  The booster club supports all of the girls competitive teams at Midwest Gymnastics (Xcel and JO). Our primary reason for existing is to coordinate fundraising. We also help coordinate fun team building activities for the girls, which also includes fun treats for them at various meets.

Mission: Midwest Gymnastics Booster Club (MGBC) strives to be a nonprofit organization that advocates for the competitive experience of gymnastics and eliminates barriers for youth wishing to excel in gymnastics.


MGBC does this is in the following ways:

  • Promote team building by organizing team activities

  • Foster positive relationships between gymnasts, coaches, parents, and staff

  • Offset gymnastics expenses related to the competitive season through the Sponsorship Program and Gina Morri Invite


General Membership: Any individual, aged eighteen (18) years of age or older, whose child registers for and participates on one (1) or more Midwest Gymnastics’ team is eligible for membership. Membership is voluntary. Each parent/legal guardian shall be allowed one (1) vote per gymnast registered with MGBC.


Additional benefits of membership include:

A. Receipt of gymnast subsidies (members in good standing)

B. Members-only announcements/communication

C. Recognition in MGBC publications

D. Other such benefits as the Board of Directors may determine from time to time

Parents/guardians of Midwest girls who are part of the competitive Junior Olympic and Xcel teams are members of the MGBC. The club is separate from Midwest Gymnastics and is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization, but we work hand in hand with the gym to support our athletes.  


Why should I join the Booster Club?

The real question is, why would you NOT join the Booster Club? :-) Yes, in order to become an “Eligible Member” and receive the benefits, you need to fulfill the Booster Club volunteering and sponsorship requirements, but simply opting in at least allows you to stay in the loop with emails and it costs nothing to do so! Opting in does not obligate you to anything.

How do we fundraise and how do I benefit from Booster Club fundraising?

Right now, we host a meet in November (Candy Apple) and February (Gina Morri) each year, and all proceeds go right back to the Booster Club to distribute to Eligible Members.

At the beginning of the season you will pay fees based on what we anticipate your gymnast’s competition fees will be for the year. Then we (and we need your help!) work hard all season long, and especially over the February weekend of the Gina Morri meet, to make that meet as profitable as we possibly can.

How does the Booster Club help with these fee expenses?

The Gina Morri and Candy Apple profits are distributed to Eligible Members to help reimburse/offset the fees you pay that year. 

How do you become an Eligible Member?

You must earn a certain number of CREDITS throughout the gymnastics season to become an eligible member.  You earn credits by volunteering at our hosted meets, participating in fundraisers, selling sponsorships for our Gina Morri meet, serving as a committee lead for one of our hosted meets, or facilitating/coordinating a fundraiser (among other things).  See the Eligible Member Requirements tab for more detail.

How do the gym and the BC work together to enable my child to participate in meets?

The coaches and gym staff are responsible for preparing athletes to compete. Beyond this, there are financial costs associated with participating in meets, and the MGBC and Midwest Gymnastics work together to determine the competition-related expenses for the coming season. These budgets and the billing process are discussed at the MGBC membership meetings. (The cost of being part of a competitive team are beyond the monthly training tuition. There is no additional cost or membership dues to be part of the MGBC.) 

How can I connect with other team parents through the MGBC?

Connecting with other parents and families who are also part of competitive teams at Midwest is a valuable way to learn more about what to expect as your child starts competing and how to support your athlete.

  • Teambuilding activities: Activities outside of practice and meets are important! Holiday parties, Valleyfair, after-practice parties, and pre-meet crafts are some examples of these activities. The Booster Club provides some funding. Parents plan and communicate about the get-togethers. 

  • Fundraising: Our main fundraiser is the Sponsorship program. We choose this program over numerous "selling" fundraisers, as it provides positive results and takes much less time and energy to participate in.

  • Volunteer at the Gina Morri Invitational: We host a weekend-long meet for Xcel, Compulsory, & Optionals in honor of one of our gymnasts, Gina Morri. Helping to set up, tear down, flash scores, sell good-luck grams and more are great ways to meet other Midwest parents, raise funds for the Booster Club and support all of our athletes.

  • Meetings: Members are also welcome at all Booster Club meetings and Gina Morri meet planning meetings.

  • Committees: Subcommittees focus on enhancing effectiveness, team unity, fundraising and program marketing. Joining one of these groups is a great way to network with other parents and learn more about the program and meet competitions.

  • Board: The MGBC board consists of president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and level representatives for each group of athletes (girls Compulsory, girls Xcel, girls Optionals. New team parents typically serve as level reps - another valuable way to network and support your athletes.  


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Contact the MGBC through our website or via email.

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