MGBC Officers

Nicole Faulkner, President

Eddie Faulkner, Vice President

Betsy Laliberte, Secretary

Emily Sutherland, Dir. of Fundraising & Gina Morri Coordinator​


Board Position Descriptions

The following positions are elected at the Booster Club's annual meeting in June of each year. Each serves a term of one year.



The president is the principal officer of the Booster Club and is responsible for:

  • Overseeing that the resolutions and directives of the board are carried out.

  • Calling and presiding over Booster Club meetings.

  • Acting as liaison between Midwest Gymnastics and the Booster Club.

  • Other duties may include, but are not limited to: 

    • Serving on various committees for hosting meets or fundraisers.

    • Assisting with various welcoming meetings for new members to the Booster Club.


Vice President

The vice president is the acting president in the absence of the president and serves as an assistant to the president in coordinating all activities. The vice president also may serve as part of any special committees (i.e., meet hosting) throughout the year.



The secretary attends Booster Club board and general meetings, maintains minutes of each meeting, distributes copies of the minutes to all members, posts copies on the Booster Club website, and keeps permanent records of all minutes. The secretary is responsible for posting meeting announcements. The secretary also may serve as part of any special committees throughout the year, and communicates with and provides feedback to the coaches and owners of Midwest Gymnastics.



The treasurer keeps financial records for the organization in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures, presents a treasurer's report at each regularly scheduled meeting, assures that all necessary reports are filed with the state and federal governments, and provides for an annual audit at fiscal year-end. The treasurer also may serve as part of any special committees (i.e., meet hosting) throughout the year.


In particular, the treasurer:

  • Tracks the payments and fundraising credits for each member.

  • Distributes billing statements to members in accordance with established billing process.

  • Manages deposits and expense payments.

  • Works with the gym to develop overviews of competition-related expenses to present to members.

  • Maintains updated member roster.


Level Representatives

Level reps serve on behalf of designated teams/levels of boy, girl and tramp and tumbling gymnasts. These activities are usually coordinated with other level reps as well as the gym.


In particular, level reps:

  • Are a point of contact between the gym, the Booster Club and the parents.

  • Coordinate volunteers for team-building activities such as:

    • Carbo loads for each meet

    • Team dinners for out-of-state meets

    • Goodie bags for each meet

    • Volunteers for the Holiday Party

  • Provide information to parents for out-of-state meets such as:

    • Parent/family contact information

    • Travel information and hotel accommodations

  • This position participates in the Booster Club meetings.


Depending on the number of gymnasts in a level, this position may be shared or represent more than one level. There is usually more effort and coordination needed in the lower levels as families are new to the team structure. For the upper levels, parents are more familiar with the Booster Club and team activities.

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