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Booster Club Overview and Current Officers


Please find a booster club overview by clicking on the 'About Us' tab, or by clicking here.

2019-2020  MGBC Officers

Nicole Faulkner, President

Eddie Faulkner, Vice President

Susan Viergever, Treasurer

​Betsy Laliberte, Secretary

Emily Sutherland, Dir. of Fundraising & Gina Morri Coordinator​

General questions:

Questions related to Athlete Fee's:

Questions releated to our Gina Morri hosted meet:


Important MGBC Documents














2019-2020 MGBC Team Representatives


Girls Optionals Rep

Girls JO Levels 4-5 Rep.

Girls JO Level 3 Rep

Girls Xcel Beginner Rep.

Girls Xcel Intermediate Rep.


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