Fundraising Overview 

The Booster Club currently has 2 Fundraisers: SCRIP and the Gina Morri Invitational. 


For information on SCRIP, go to the Parent Portal and click on SCRIP.

The primary fundraiser each year is hosting the Gina Morri Invitational, with the goal being to raise enough money to help cover eligible families' athlete fees.  Eligible families are those who fulfilled their fundraising (sponsorship/volunteering) requirements for the previous season.  For more information on this, click on Parent Portal and select the Membership Requirements button.

There are three steps to being in good standing this year, and therefore receive gymnast subsidies in the fall of next year.  A member must fulfill the following requirements:


  1. Opt in for the membership.  Click on Club Portal, then click the Opt-In to Booster Club button and fill in the required fields

  2. Obtain at least 1 Gold Level or 2 Silver/Bronze Level sponsors 

  3. Volunteer at the Gina Morri Invite, held in February with set-up on Friday before the meet at 1pm and tear-down after the meet on Sunday evening. You must volunteer for at least 1 set-up or tear-down shift plus shifts during the meet.  The number of during-meet working shifts required per family will be finalized later in the year.


For the current year, any Team gymnast whose family met both the sponsorship and volunteer requirements for the previous year will receive gymnast subsidies this fall. All other Team gymnasts must pay all athlete fees in full and complete the requirements to be eligible to receive subsidies for the following year (this includes new families).

Do you have a proposal for a new fundraiser?

Booster Club members have the opportunity to fundraise and apply proceeds to their gymnast’s athletic fees.  All current fundraisers started as an idea and were moved forward by a member who was willing to commit their time, organizational skills, and energy to serve as the organizer. 

If you have an idea about a fundraiser that you’d like to organize and drive, we'd love to hear from you!  Click on the Parent Portal for our contact information.