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Welcome to the Girls Compulsories and Xcel Page!

The traditional Junior Olympic Compulsory Program was developed to build a solid foundation of basic skills and progressive skill development in order to advance. Following the compulsory levels, gymnasts may advance to the optional levels 6-10 and elite. XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program outside the traditional Jr. Olympic (J.O.) Program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts.


The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels, the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. Like the J.O. program, Xcel gymnasts may participate and advance through levels with increasing skill difficulty (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond).

Regardless of the program, gymnasts compete both individually and as a team comprised of a minimum of three gymnasts.


Puner Koy is a member of the team coaching staff.  He has been coaching recreational, compulsory team and optional team gymnastics here at Midwest for over 10 years.  His focus is primarily on floor and dance/choreography for both the compulsory and optional girls teams.

BJ Schaffhausen is the head coach for the girls Xcel team. BJ was a former USAG and High School gymnast, and with over 20 years of coaching experience, she has had the opportunity to help train some world-class athletes.

     During the day, BJ is an Educational Specialist and Registered Nurse at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare where she works with young adults with special needs.

Amy Healey is a member of the Compulsory team coaching staff.  She has been coaching these levels at Midwest for 2 years. She comes with a strong background in gymnastics.



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