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Eligible Member Requirements
2022-23 Season

This sponsorship letter should be used ONLY leading up to the Gina Morri meet on Feb. 18, 2023.  The sponsorship levels change after the meet has passed. 

Stay tuned for information announcing a wider-spread sponsorship campaign to approach local area businesses for support.  If you send this letter to more than your own friend/family business, please give the President the name of the business you solicited so we can track (and avoid duplication of) efforts.

Updated August 22, 2022

To become an "Eligible Member" at the end of the season (and be eligible to earn back fundraising dollars), you must have earned a minimum amount of credits based on your level.  Please review the Parent Handbook, watch the New Parent Welcome Meeting, and watch the August 22, 2023 Membership Meeting videos for a more complete explanation of fundraising and earning credits.

For the 2022-23 Competition season, the following tiers represent the minimum amount of credits each gymnast must earn to become an Eligible Member (a member in good standing):


  • Tier 1  (Compulsory "petite" season gymnasts)                                             3 credits

  • Tier 2  (Xcel Bronze/Silver and JO Compulsory Level 3-5)                           5 credits

  • Tier 3  (Xcel Gold/Platinum/Diamond; JO Optionals Level 6-10; Elite)       7 credits


Everyone must fulfill a portion of their credits with volunteer shifts at both meets.  At least 2 of your credits must come from fulfilling the minimum requirements at the Gina Morri Invitational in February 2023.  Mark your calendars now for February 17, 18, and 19, 2023.  


  • Gina Morri Set-Up or Tear-Down                                       1 credit

  • Gina Morri Meet Shift (required minimum shifts)          1 credit*

When we get closer to the Gina Morri meet we will publish the number of meet shifts each member will need to work to meet the minimum required shifts.

What happens if I earn more than my required credits?  The booster club earns more money for distribution back to eligible members!  These are only the minimums.  Please do all you can to support each of our fundraising efforts throughout the season.  If everyone only does the minimum, we will have minimum distributions at the end of the year.  

How do you earn more credits?  We will have additional opportunities throughout the season to earn credits.  We will publish and update those opportunities throughout the year, but here are a few examples:


  • Sponsorship ($250 1 credit -- this is subject to change; more to come on our Sponsorship Program)

  • Committee Leadership (1 credit -- or more, depending on complexity of role)

  • Work an extra shift at a meet (1 credit per shift -- note the required shifts already above)

  • LEAD a fundraiser (coordinate and facilitate a fundraiser (e.g., setting up the Team Store, running pizza sales))  1 credit 

  • Meet minimum fundraiser participation  1 credit (e.g., when we sell pizzas or soups we'll have a minimum amount to sell to earn the credit)

  • SCRIP  (more information to come)

  • Miscellaneous needs published throughout the season by the Board


You have the flexibility to pick how you want to participate.  Do you like to write a check?  You can still do that -- through sponsorships, etc.  Do you like to get sponsorships?  Great, go get them!  Would you rather volunteer more time?  Great, work some more shifts or volunteer to take a leadership role.  


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