Eligible Member Requirements

To become an "Eligible Member" at the end of the season (and be eligible to earn back fundraising dollars), you must have earned a minimum amount of credits based on your level:


  • Tier 1  (Xcel, JO Compulsory Levels 3-5)           6 credits

  • Tier 2  (JO Compulsory Levels 6-8)                    8 credits

  • Tier 3  (JO Compulsory Levels 9-10 & Elite)     10 credits


Everyone must fulfill a portion of their credits with volunteer shifts at both meets.


  • Candy Apple Set-Up or Tear-Down     1 credit

  • Candy Apple Meet Shift                       1 credit

  • Gina Morri Set-Up or Tear-Down         1 credit

  • Gina Morri Meet Shift (3 shifts)            3 credits (1 for each shift)


So, if you are in Tier 1, you can see that fulfilling your meet volunteering will get you to your 6 credits.  


How do you earn more credits?  We will have additional opportunities throughout the season to earn credits (e.g., getting Sponsorships for Gina will be a credit, meeting participation requirements for a fundraiser like selling pizzas, serving as a committee lead for one of the meets).  We will publish and update those opportunities throughout the year, but here are a few examples:


  • Sponsorship ($300 1 credit;  $500 2 credits)

  • Committee Leadership (1 credit)

  • Work an extra shift at a meet (1 credit per shift -- note the required shifts already above)

  • LEAD a fundraiser (coordinate and facilitate a fundraiser (e.g., setting up the Team Store, running pizza sales))  1 credit 

  • Meet minimum fundraiser participation  1 credit (e.g., when we sell pizzas or soups we'll have a minimum amount to sell to earn the credit.  If we do concessions at a Twins game, working concessions will be a credit.  These will all be totally optional)

  • SCRIP  (TBD, but there will be credits available based on SCRIP purchases - and new parents I'll talk about this at next meeting).


You have the flexibility to pick how you want to participate.  Do you like to write a check?  You can still do that -- through sponsorships, etc.  Do you like to get sponsorships?  Great, go get them!  Would you rather volunteer more time?  Great, work some more shifts or volunteer to take a leadership role for something.  


NOTE -- the Sponsorships have been a significant portion of revenue for our Gina Morri meet.  This change means we will likely have less revenue (and cover less % of fees), but because most of you were just paying it yourselves, it's a wash.  Just keep that in mind when the payout is lower.  OR -- PLEASE STILL TRY TO GET SPONSORSHIPS!  These are just MINIMUM requirements.  If you have the connections and means to help with more, please do so.


There are always going to be things throughout the year where we just ask for parent help (donating food for the meets, helping with some random tasks before the meets, team parent representative volunteering).  If we have a huge job, the Board will determine if it earns a credit, but most of these smaller things we are asking for help just because we are all parents trying to help make this a great season together.  


ALSO NEW THIS YEAR --- we will have ONE fundraiser during the season (TBD) that will be eligible for individual earnings.  Meaning, unlike the majority of our fundraising that goes into the "pot" for equitable distribution back to all eligible members, this individual fundraiser will allow you to earn back based on your level of participation.  We can only do one this way to maintain our non-profit status, but stay tuned for details on this.  Some of these levels this year have significant expenses with traveling, etc. and this will give you at least one option to go crazy selling (whatever item it is) and help you recover directly and apply towards your own gymnastics-related expenses.