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What is the Booster Club?


We are a non-profit entity that exists separate from the gym itself. We are run entirely by parent volunteers.  The booster club supports all of the girls competitive teams at Midwest Gymnastics (Xcel and JO). Our primary reason for existing is to help more members of our community with access to this sport, which can be expensive.  The booster club coordinates fundraising to serve this mission. We also help coordinate fun team building activities for the girls, which also includes fun treats for them at various meets.

The Booster Club also handles the invoicing for all costs associated with your child attending meets (meet registration, coach annual/meet registrations, coach travel/attendance rates, judge fees, etc.). Whether you become a Booster Club member, or not, you will be invoiced by the Booster Club for these fees. This is separate from the monthly fees you already pay to the gym, which covers the costs of practices. The Booster Club handles competition fees only.

In order to receive emails from the Booster Club (or participate and receive any of the benefits), you have to first “opt in” as a member. Click on the Parent Portal and follow the link to “Opt-In to Booster Club” if you have not done so already. Returning parents – you have to do this every year!

Why should I join the Booster Club?


The real question is, why would you NOT join the Booster Club? :-) Yes, in order to become an “Eligible Member” and receive the benefits, you need to fulfill the Booster Club volunteering and sponsorship requirements, but simply opting in at least allows you to stay in the loop with emails and it costs nothing to do so! Opting in does not obligate you to anything.

How do we fundraise and how do I benefit from Booster Club fundraising?


Right now, we host a meet in September (Go For Gold!) and October (Candy Apple), and all proceeds go right back to the Booster Club to distribute to Eligible Members.  See the Eligible Member Requirements tab for more information.

At the beginning of the season you will pay fees based on what we anticipate your gymnast’s competition fees will be for the year. Then we (and we need your help!) work hard all season long, and especially over the February weekend of the Gina Morri meet, to make that meet as profitable as we possibly can.

How does the Booster Club help with these fee expenses?


The Meet profits are distributed to Eligible Members to help reimburse/offset the fees you pay that year. The fee offset gets applied to the following years’ fees.  Our Meet Director is already hard at work planning for next year’s meet, and we need your help.

We are also open to all additional fundraising ideas to help offset fees. If you have ideas or an interest in helping to coordinate a fundraiser or two, please let us know right away!

How do you become an Eligible Member?

See the Eligible Member Requirements tab for more information.

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