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Welcome to the Girls Optionals Team Page!


Alison Lim is the Gym Director and the Girls’ Team Director.  She has been with Midwest Gymnastics since it opened...first as a gymnast, second as a coach and a director.  She was an elite gymnast and has over 10 years of gymnastics experience as a coach.

Jess Graba is an owner and founder of Midwest Gymnastics and a member of our optional coaching staff.   He has over 20 years of coaching experience in recreational, compulsory team, optional team, high school and college gymnastics.

Puner Koy is a member of the team coaching staff.  He has been coaching recreational, compulsory team and optional team gymnastics here at Midwest for over 10 years.  His focus is primarily on floor and dance/choreography for both the compulsory and optional girls teams.

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