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How do you become a Booster Club Eligible Member?

See the Eligible Member Requirements tab for more information.

One option for earning eligibility is to sell Sponsorships for our Gina Morri meet in February.

How do we submit sponsorships?

1.  On the home page of this website, click on the sponsorship button.  Fill the form out whether you are paying online or via check.  This has to be filled out for all sponsorships.  Here's also a direct link

2.  Pay online via that same sponsorship button, or bring a check to the front desk at Midwest.  If you turn a check in to the front desk, please let one of us know.

The deadline for obtaining sponsorships this year is January 14, 2022 if your sponsor wants to advertise at the meet. All other non-advertising sponsor dollars must be received by April 30, 2022.

What levels of sponsorship are available?

See our Sponsorship page for this information.  There's also information on payment options.  Checks are preferred but payments online are accepted also.

The Sponsorship letter can be helpful to gather information from sponsors, but make sure all sponsors are submitted online.  To submit sponsorship online, go to the Home page and select Sponsorship.  

Midwest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit TAX ID#51-0479937

Do we accept sponsorship amounts that aren't listed?

Yes! The sponsorship requirement is still the same whether you use the levels we offer or not.  For the advertising options, use the level that was covered. 

What other fundraising options are available?

We currently offer SCRIP and welcome all ideas and help for fundraising.  Please send any of us any ideas you might have.

SCRIP information can be found by clicking on SCRIP within the Parent Portal.

What is the Meet Schedule for my team?

Schedule is currently TBD.  Please contact your coach with questions regarding the schedule

What can I expect at gymnastic meets?

We've made a document that walks through what you can expect.  This can be found under the Parent Portal.

Notes on Fees and Invoicing:
• The Booster Club invoices at the beginning of the season for an estimated amount of fees for each team/level. At the end of the season, we do a reconciliation, so if we over-estimated and you paid more than your actual fees, we issue refunds (e.g., a lot
of meets got cancelled at the end of the season last year because of COVID, and we issued refunds to a lot of families). The opposite is also true, if we under-estimate, and your gymnasts’ fees end up being more than what you were originally invoiced for, you will be required to pay the difference.

• If the coaches register some levels for more meets than others, those levels might use up this money faster, and I will be issuing mid-season additional invoices as fees go above and beyond this initial invoiced amounts.

• If the Booster Club pays registration fees in advance, on behalf of your gymnast, and those fees go above the initial invoiced amount, you are expected to cover the difference. In other words, there may be a meet where I don’t get the registration from the coach until shortly before registrations are due . . . instead of telling the gym not to register your child, the booster club will cover the fee (when we can) and will invoice you after the fact. If your gymnast attends the meet, you are responsible for the fees. If your gymnast is on the newly formed “Training Team” (formerly referred to as Entry Petites), you will not have any competition fees this year. This is just a wonky season, and I understand from the gym that we’re going to use this year for competition training with this group of up-and-comers and then get you into JO Level 3 next year. You should still opt in to the Booster Club so you can stay in the loop on what’s happening, but you just won’t have fees. Which also means that you won’t be eligible for a Gina Morri distribution (which is based on the amount of fees paid that year), but we would still welcome your help volunteering at the meet if you are able!


Who is Gina Morri?

Gina Morri was a level 10 gymnast at Midwest Gymnastics who was a wonderful teammate, leader, and friend to all who knew her.

She possessed a smile and attitude that was infectious in the gym, which somehow kept even the toughest days of workouts on track.

Gina was taken away from us one tragic afternoon at the end of practice when she was struck by a commercial vehicle in a cross walk.  At the age of 16, she had passed from this world and left her Midwest Gymnastics family sorely missing her.

This is an invitational in memory of Gina Morri to celebrat her spirit and also her dedication to the sport of gymnastics.

When is the Gina Morri Invitational for 2021?

The Invitational is February 12-14, 2021.  Due to COVID, we will run the meet 3 days instead of 2, with setup on Thursday and tear down on Sunday.  There will be half the amount of equipment and half the amount of sessions at a time, with limited spectators.  We will need to clear out each session in order to not max out at the Coliseum.

Are sponsorships reimbursed if the meet is cancelled due to COVID?

Sponsorships are non-refundable.  In the event of a COVID related cancellation, sponsors will still receive most of the same advertising.  In the place of the Jumbotron sponsorship and verbal acknowledgement for the Gold level, we will email the sponsors with logos to the families of Midwest.

How many gymnasts compete at the Invitational?

So far this year we are at over 600 and we max out at 900.

When will I find out my volunteer requirements for the meet?

Unfortunately, we won't know what's needed until we get close to the meet.  This year is additionally hard with all the extra requirements for COVID.  Make sure to block off the whole weekend.

Are there entrance fees?

Normally, Yes.  This year with COVID, no.  We have to limit spectators and are planning to mail out wrist bands ahead of time.

Can children volunteer at the Gina Morri Meet?

We typically allow children at least 13 years old to volunteer at the meet.

Can my children hang out at the Coliseum while I'm volunteering?

Unfortunately, at this time no children of volunteers who aren't spectators for that session will be allowed to stay in the Coliseum.  We are limited to the amount of people we can allow in the Coliseum this year.

Can my gymnast hand out medals at the Gina Morri Invitational?

With COVID, I don't believe this will be possible this year unless they are a volunteer with that responsibility.  We cannot go over a certain amount of people in the Coliseum and we have extra requirements with COVID.

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